How I have been using click to tweet to increase my blog traffic [ Christmas Bonus]

Click to tweet is one of the quickest, most powerful free tools that enlightened bloggers are now using lately to help readers easily share their content on twitter without much ado on the reader’s end.

how to add click to tweet button to your blog posts

Merry Christmas!!!

December 25 was officially adopted as Christmas Day the United States in 1870. Following that moment, it became a federal holiday.

But then, before that time, about 500 freed slaves settled in Freetown in 1870. They got a ship and sailed all the way to Badagry in Lagos, Nigeria.

One of those ex-slaves who came from overseas to Nigeria was James Ferguson.

He was a leader of a trading group This man who was a Methodist sought the approval of the King of Badagry to write a letter to the Missionaries stationed in Sierra Leone so that missionary work could begin in Badagry. He was granted the permission to do this. (Source –

The end of the year is usually a great time for most Nigerians and this is not just because it signals a time of relief for most people aching for a vacation or rest from all the hard work and back-breaking activities of the previous months, it is also because December time is Christmas time!

About Click to tweet

Click to tweet is not totally free but of course, has a free plan with limited features. As a free plan user, your first 5 campaign is given free tracking as per how many shares. This metric goes a long way to measure the result of your effort as a blogger.

Being a free user, after the fifth campaign, all other campaigns go untracked. But then you can still create an unlimited campaign with no tracking.

The truth!

As a start-up blogger, if you really look at it critically, you need more users tweeting your quotes and contents to twitter than the metrics. So you see why even the free click to tweet plan is still a very powerful tweet in your hand if used correctly.

Tweet this

How it works…

We’ve all been a reader at some certain points in our lives, sometimes we get to a point in an article where a particular line grabbed our attention and sound like the real deal. Most often we screenshot or highlight to copy (Am I right?).

Therefore, this is the essence of this new tool, most readers are lazy they wished to share your contents but that stress is what they hate, so they skipped and move ahead. With click to tweet tool, you can do your primary assignment by helping them turn your fantastic lines into tweets and all they just have to do is click and tweet Shikena!

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