Using Facebook group to engage with your customers and drive sales THAT MEDIA GUY

You probably belong to at least one Facebook group, right?

But maybe you haven’t considered using a Facebook group for your business. You should!

Today I’ll show you:

Why having just a Facebook business page is not just enough for your business.

How to build a focus-based facebook group for your business and lastly

How to leverage a Facebook group for your company.

But before you just create a group & start inviting friends to join, remember, the group is NOT about you.

Don’t build a group, get people to join & then just spam them with links to your website.

So how do you make Facebook Groups part of Facebook marketing?

Here are 6 clever ways:

Create a focus Facebook group

Build your group team

Provide value for customers

Discuss current event

Build your community

Communicate with brand ambassadors and industry experts

Promote events

Strengthen your team


The major difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group is: a Facebook page is a notice desk, where newsletters, sales pitching, awareness, and news are posted for the awareness of the public while, a Facebook group acts as a hub for discussion and sharing information with people who share an interest, location, or other common traits.

Groups are best for cases where discussion is the main focus, that media guy
Facebook groups are best for discussion
[Source: @Jacob Owens]

Here is why you need a Facebook group for your business

A page is not totally a two-way communication, it’s simply an online version of your shop-front where customers have only the opportunity to see only what you put on the shelves and can, therefore, interact either with one another about that product or drop you a suggestion/inquiry into the suggestion box (comment box this time).

Even though brand tries to engage in two-way communication with their customers by replying to comments that warrant a reply, it’s still will never be like when Mr. A (from the media dept of Brand ABC) respond to a comment or posted a discussion in a Facebook group.

The feeling of interacting with a fellow human like them is very important to customers; this is one thing a page does not offer (even when you switch to commenting as yourself, it still doesn’t keep it cool like a group that states you are Mr. A who is an admin in the group owned by brand ABC).

Facebook group helps to build relationships - That Media Guy
Facebook group helps to build relationships
[ @VictorAno]

This help to build trust especially if the group has a series of people in different department initiating and responding to discussions as per the needs of partners, customers/readers.

Online users love privacy

A vast population of online audience cares so much about their privacy, and private/secret group is the place they run to when necessary. As a brand, your group shouldn’t be for the purpose of getting a wider audience as of a page, but rather few committed and serious individuals who either actually need your products/services or share the same career/ideas.

Need to reach a wider audience, sponsor post and reach out to new customers that generate leads? Create a page, it’s good at it…

Other unique features of a facebook group include:

  • Basic group info, such as a group description.
  • The ability to set group rules.
  • Moderating tools for admin.
  • Optional short surveys for people requesting to join the group.
  • A built-in events calendar for the group.

With all these, you can spearhead your brand engagement with just one thing “creativity”.

So when should your business use a facebook group to promote your business?

Despite the highly engaging impact of a facebook group on brand building, it has some cons that must be stated. This includes limited monetization of contents, limited reach and public access to the admin’s profile.

Having known this, therefore only use facebook group at that point in your business where you feel you need more personal connections with your customers, partners, and fans. This doesn’t have a particular time as it could be from the start of your online marketing or later on, depending on the nature of your business and it’s the industry. 


The Facebook group is best for cases where discussion is the main focusClick to tweet this


Therefore each business owner should know their goals and the objectives to get to these goals and also which strategies (could be a page or group or both) are needed to execute such objectives.


over to you That Media Guy

Now that you know all about a Facebook group and how you can use it to promote your business with its unique features, what would you like to say? Your contribution or critics mean a lot to me as a new blog owner as it enables me to develop day-by-day in this journey of building businesses.

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