The term Facebook marketing is sometimes mixed up with “Facebook ads”. Just exactly the same way Search engine marketing is mixed with search engine advertisement


But then,

Facebook marketing = Organic Facebook Marketing + Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing is such an extensive topic that no one article can cover it in one piece, therefore I have decided to break it all into pieces for you to understand better.

At the mention of “Facebook marketing”, most people’s minds picture “Facebook ads”, which is wrong. Facebook marketing refers to the overall marketing you do on Facebook as a platform while Facebook Ads and Organic Facebook marketing both makes up Facebook marketing. The same way Search engine marketing (SEM) comprises Search Engine Ads (SEA) + Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Organic facebook marketing
Organic facebook marketing

Organic marketing on Facebook is all about engaging with your audience through strategically creative content. All you do is post great content to your business page and make it the social media home to your business. It’s free because you don’t have to pay Mr. Zuckerberg to use this.

But I personally believe nothing that brings profit in this world is totally free. Being online in a country like Nigeria is a premium life (basic fact!), the creation of highly engaging content requires time to research and compose such contents, energy put in; are all valuable and scalable to money (like they usually say time is money).

You need to be aware that this marketing is essentially organic, hence does take time to build loyal fans. But here’s the thing “consistency and patience” will win it all for you and your brand.


Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

It’s ok that everyone all like freebies, but have we all noticed too that everyone likes quickies? Lol, it’s real we all want things happening quick. As a matter of fact, 80% of the world population falls under this category and that’s the essence of Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads platform is a self-service advertising platform owned and hosted on Facebook. With 2.45 billion monthly users (Statista), Facebook will advertise you to your selected audience and ensures maximum conversion.

But then the efficiency of Facebook’s effort to do this still boils down to the quality of certain factors that you have to do on your ends. This includes ad image, ad copy, ad audience, and demography.

The inability to know so well how to build a facebook ad-friendly advert kits is what sets you apart from a professional Facebook marketer.

To gain insights on how to build a profitable Facebook ad campaign kit read this (coming soon, stay updated by subscribing to TMG blog here)

What your business needs more in 2020

Integrity Ethics Honesty Respect
Integrity Ethics Honesty Respect

As an experienced marketer, I have grown to understand that free organic sales drive happy-sales while paid facebook ads drive desired sales.

Having larger sales and huge profits does not make you a happy business person if you are truly into the business for passion, what makes you happy is having a lot of people reaching out to you as per reviews and also coming back for more sales, even when you stop marketing.

Therefore as a reputable businessperson whose goal is to stay longer than any competitors in the business, reputation must be built and this could only happen if you let your business goal be more of meeting people’s needs and solving their worrisome problems rather than just taking their money for purchases.

Organic sales from free facebook marketing do not just bring sales but also help build relationships and business networks which are the pillars of sustainability in any business.

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You need to know as a business owner that relationship & network are important to you as much as the desired sale is important. Therefore, organic marketing + Facebook ads should be used all together in order to truly achieve long term sales and vision of your company

In this phase of the guide, we shall be talking about free ways for you to market your business on Facebook (organic facebook marketing).

But like I use to say,

If you want freebies in life, you need to let “patience” and “hard work” be your best friends in lifeTMG

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Do not be running organic facebook marketing and be expecting to have sales compared to your friend that’s running Facebook ads.

Tit for titties, tat for tatters, basics of life –TMG

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But here’s the deal, your friend’s sales have a short life span if he doesn’t do the organic which you are doing. The moment he stops giving Mr. Zuckerberg money for the advert, sales stop.

Therefore organic facebook marketing is best for businesses that are looking to stay for a longer time in the market just like yours but when your business has a new offer or wishes to X-sell products/services, run a Facebook ad, ads are good for this. As simple as that!

What you are going to learn from this phase:

Facebook marketing terminologies

Facebook page and how to use it effectively as a business

Facebook groups and how to use them to avoid spamming

Facebook DM and how to use it effectively as a business

Facebook “stories” and how to use it effectively as a business

Facebook “Live” and how to use it effectively as a business

Facebook events near you, and how to use it effectively as a business

Now we have 7 episodes in this phase, let’s go…

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