Facebook page and how to use it effectively for your business

Like we already stated in our previous post on Facebook marketing, a Facebook page is the online Facebook version of your business packed with features beyond just a personal Facebook profile. Starting from being able to have subscribers, display product offers, display CTA, track insights, and launch campaigns; a Facebook page is sure a powerful tool in the hand of any creative marketer or a business owner.

Facebook page and how to use it effectively for your business marketing
Setting up Facebook for business

Now before we move forward to the next episode, let me ask you this:

What do you ultimately want to get out of your Facebook page?

Don’t mail me, just pick up your pen now and start listing your expectations; it will help you as we move on.

Ok let’s kick

Regardless of what you have on that list right now here are the time-taking and energy-taking primary assignments you need to do before jumping on Facebook to market. The fact that they are both time-taking and energy-taking is the reason why most businesses fail online and that’s not far from the fact that most people are impatience and hate stress. Therefore, study them and apply them step-by-step. If you need help implementing these, I am a call away.


Some academician defines the difference between goals and objectives as: a goal is a description of a destination, and an objective is a measure of the progress that is needed to get to that destination. That’s sharp!  Short and straightforward.

In this context,

Your goal might be to become the largest producer/distributor in your industry in the next 5 or 10 years. It might be to be a medium-scale brand or even be in the same level as now. In order words, your goal is where you picture your brand to be in the next few years.

Your objectives refer to those campaigns, projects, and strategies you embark on to be achieved in a few times (could be days, weeks, and months). They are sometimes referred to as goals by most marketers because they are the essence or perhaps the end result of such short time projects.

For example, you have a clothing brand where your business goal is to become the largest supplier of Nigerian-made cloths in the next 5 years. There are a lot of smaller objectives that must be achieved before the industry and customize could see you as such authority in locally made textiles. These includes Promotions to show your business exists, content marketing to let people know you sure know and can teach what you do, paid adverts to up-sell, partnerships with local fashion brands, exhibitions, organizations, magazine and creators to leverage on other brands potentials, list building targeted at made-in-Nigeria fashion lovers to have larger audience than can be converted to customers, etc.

The promotions campaign could last 3 months; content marketing could last throughout the whole 5years; paid adverts could be scheduled interval within the 5 years whenever you deem it fit to maximize sales or simply have an offer for the holidays and seasons, partnership could be for the first 6 months you built your marketing campaign; list building could run through the whole 5 years. At the end of all these, a measure is taking to merge up the collective results of each objective and compare it to the projected target (goal) of the company 5 years ago.

Tbh with you, you don’t have to wait till 5 years before you measure up your overall objectives to your projected goal, pre-measure should be taken at each step (objective) to replace, reshuffle or discard any step that’s no valid to the progress of the destination (goal).


Go ahead log in to your Facebook account and set up your Facebook page as seen below:

Click “Create”

Click create to create a Facebook age
Click create to create a Facebook age

Select page

Below is the next page after clicking “page”

Click  the “Get Started” button located below Business or Brand

Click get started to create a business page
Click get started to create a business page

As shown below, enter your business name in the “page name box”. Say ABC Boutique

Select the category your business belongs to.

write the business name as page name
write the business name as page name
select page category
select page category

Go ahead to fill your business address (if any), phone number, you have the option to either show your address to your audience or not. Click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

Your profile picture is the thumbnails used everywhere you post, comment, or do any activity. Make sure it’s recognizable. As shown below, click on upload a profile picture to select the image you want for your business profile image section.

In regards to my experience with start-up businesses, I’d advise you to put your personal portrait on the profile picture. When people see your portrait placed in proximity with your business logo and list of services they feel connected to you more as human-to-human. It makes them feel this business is being managed by a human and not just a “computerized” robot. That connection is great for trusting a business.

Upload page profile picture
Upload page’s profile picture

In order to produce a cover for your page, redesign your logo into a header-like image where your logo, products/services are beautifully aligned to the right-hand side (the left-hand side is going to be covered by your profile picture, always remember that.

Do the same to upload your cover image seen below

Upload page's cover photo
Upload page’s cover photo

To learn more about profile image and cover image click here

Immediately after a successful upload of your cover image, you’ll be taken to your newly created page as seen below:

Your newly created page
Your newly created page

Do not be tempted to start inviting people to like your page. You need to build your page into a proper shape that represents your business before telling friends about it. The first impression they say…

The first thing to do as a newly created page is for you to head on to your “settings” as seen above, to set some things straight as you wish and tune your page in accordance with your business’ vision and mission.

The settings panel of your new page
The settings panel of your new page

The “general” and”page info” sections of your settings are the most important sections to you as a new business page right now. Oh and then the “messaging” as well.

The general setting options seen above are simple and self-explanatory just read through them and tune them to your taste. I’d like to tell you about some sacrosanct options here.

As a new page that has already done its primary assignment before coming online, you already know the class of audience(in terms of age, gender, hobbies, location, language, etc) that fits your brand and can eventually bring more sales. You are also already aware that your business is not for everyone, therefore the little resources you have should be narrowed to that category of audience pending while you expand later on.

This will help you to reach out to your exact potential clients that bring more sales than the entire Facebook audience that will be less interested in your products/services, hence low sales.

“It’s better to have a small audience that bring in larger sales than large audience with few sales” – TMG

Therefore narrow your page and it’s posts to only the few that matters, do not be too greedy to market to the whole facebook audience at once, expansion is always allowed.

  • News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts – Click on Edit in front of this and tick the box then save
Tick allow news feed audience and post visibility option for your new page
Tick allow news feed audience and post visibility option for your new page
  • As a start-up Nigerian business, it’s of utmost advice to restrict your page visibility to Nigeria too. This will trigger a line in Facebook algorithm to only show your page and it’s posts to people only in Nigeria and that’s a big recognition from Facebook itself, useful in getting free attention from the algorithm. When you get the attention of the Big man by telling him you only need Nigerians out of his whole crowd, what happens? – You will not only be sighted by Nigerians but also be sighted often by the big man to ensure he’s getting you across to Nigerians at every time you post, seem logical!
  • Age Restriction – Restrict your audience ages to the range you know are your potential clients and worry less of the rest.
You can also restrict your audience age to focus more on few but relevant people
You can also restrict your audience age to focus more on a few but relevant people

Also do not forget to check if the “Similar page suggestion” box is checked

Tick the box in the similar page suggestion
Tick the box in the “similar page suggestion”

After completing this section, head on to “page info” section as seen below

Your new page information section
Your new page information section

Description: In less than 255 words, describe your business in such a way that it reflects your brand’s name, products/services, Reg no (If available), mission statement, purchase system(if available), delivery system (if available).

Ensure to click on the +1 area to change it to +234 (Nigeria)

Fill in your website if available

In your location ensure to fill your business address correctly (if any), and hop on to the map to manually set your business address on the map.

set your business on the map
set your business on the map

NOTE: having your business on the map is a great tool to exploit the search engines. Businesses on maps are most likely to be listed on the SERP page of search engines than those that are not.

Have you ever noticed when you searched something that is already on the map, the map options are shows first before the links to websites? – That’s the power of the map.

Therefore always add an address even if your business is just an online business, you can always broaden your business horizon using the service area feature as seen below. Also, you can uncheck the box below the map to hide the address from the public if you wish to, but then that doesn’t stop your business from being on the map. Therefore fill a physical address to get you on the map then uncheck the box to stay as an internet business.

Tick the always open box if your business is an online business
Tick the always open box if your business is an online business

If your business is an online business, always available would be preferable on the “hours”

Impressum:  This is a single tiny important information on a business facebook page that most business owners don’t know. Search engines look more into a profile’s Impressum. Here your business ownership information is expected to be stated. Having a well-written Impressum proves to search engines on how authentic and serious you are as a business. Things like tax, Registration number, owner’s name, contacts, emails, and websites are expected to be written. Click here to read more on Impressum

Write a nice impressum for your business page
Write a nice Impressum for your business page

Leave the price range

List your products in the products section

In case you already have a website with your privacy policy, you can duplicate it in the privacy policy too

Ensure to save all boxes as you finish filling them.

Head on to the third section “Messaging”

Your new page messaging section
Your new page messaging section

Scroll down to “show a greeting” and switch it on, you can click on change to change the default greeting message or perhaps leave it the way you get it

On the “your messenger link”, you can copy it and send it along with your WhatsApp broadcast or other adverts so they can communicate with your business directly on messenger. But wait don’t copy yet, go ID your page from just figures to a name of your choice then come back here you’ll have a nice URL. For example, ABC boutique URL would be m.me/ABCboutique if only ABC boutique has ID their facebook page.

How do you ID your page to avoid your page being represented as facebook.com/page/9473753735454 or m.me/102355……? Click here for a quick guide

So leave the URL for now and head on to below

add messenger live chat to you website
add messenger live chat to your website

If you already have a website then click here to learn how to inculcate your business messenger as your live chat on your website. It makes the whole customer service easy and sleeky trust me. Better still click on the “get started” in front of it and follow the procedure to do this.

Oh! Are you aware there’s a new Facebook feature that also allows you to receive Instagram direct messages on Facebook messenger? Click here, subscribe and get notified when I post on that topic

The next is “Set up automated responses” by clicking the “set up” button, you will be redirected to the automated messages that are under the inbox section on the main tab as seen below

set automated response on your page
set automated response on your page

Here you can switch on/off and compose automated messages to your audience as per your need. The most important automated messages as a news page are your “instant reply” and “Frequently asked question”

That’s all you need on your settings for now as a new business page on Facebook, you should now head on to your page by clicking the page on the main tab

head back to the page tab
head back to the page tab

Getting to the page, click on add a button and select what exactly you want people to do next after going through your page, this is called Call To Action (CTA)

Add a Call To Action to your page
Add a Call To Action to your page

Here you will have all the list of things you could possibly ask your audience to do

Add CTA as per your business's need
Add CTA as per your business’s need

If you already have a website, learn more about business or shop with you would be a great button for you to direct people to your website. And if you want people to book through messenger “Book with you” it is perfect. If you want direct contact both Book with you and Contact you are good. Just select your option and proceed to the next step as seen below

Note: Click on the default +1 and search Nigeria, you’ll have something as displayed below, click on the +234 Nigeria, then while writing your number start without the first zero (because the +234 already represented the first zero)

There in the example, I clicked call me now and the next page asked me to input my number, that’s it!

Click finish

Click finish
Click finish

Getting back to your facebook page you’ll see your CTA is now what you have selected

CTA configured
CTA configured

Now that your page is fully set up go ahead and start inviting people using the see all friends button below

invite friends to like your page
invite friends to like your page

How to start marketing on your Facebook page

Now you have a fully set up business page, how do you make the first post on your page



Normally to publish your first post on your newly made Facebook Business Page, you would just have to go to “Create Post” add the text, image, link, video, an event or whatever you wish to & click on the “Share Now” button, right?.

But as a plus here’s the thing. You have a new page, every follower or visitor already knows that therefore do not fumble, do not make your first post look like a legendary facebook page’s post and lastly do not pitch sales (total turn off). As you post let these few things show in your first post

  1. Eye-catching visual (image, infographic, animation, paint, cartoon, video etc) that relates to your products/services
  2. Humility
  3. Seriousness
  4. Acknowledgment of the fact that you have a new page but you are here to stay
  5. Gratitude to those who already like it
  6. How happy you are to join your customers’ online community and how willing you are to solve their problems with your goods & services
  7. Don’t forget to let them know their engagement on your post will inspire you to do more. It doesn’t cost a thing to any businessperson to beg the public to engage with his/her brand so do it! Just don’t pitch sales or anything relating to “come to buy”

With the above hints, you should be able to come up with a nice first post

Do not forget to tag as many people as you can in your well constructed first post. Also, location tagging is another feature to leverage on.


Since posting to your page is the primary (organic) source of getting new customers and engagements, you should post at least 4 times per day, having equal intervals between them. Do this for weeks and keep on checking your page insights to see your audience engagements with all the posts.

Check out,

The posting time of the day with the highest engagements,

 Day of the week with the highest engagements

The particular type of post/image that has more engagement

Figuring out all these, do more of the posts, posting time and posting days. It’s important in saving your energy in time and money.

The Facebook page insight will not only help you know the behaviors of your audience but will also help you know when exactly they are online so as to target your post to their time zone and online period. Also, a couple of tools can be used to schedule Facebook posts to different timeslots in order to coordinate with the time zones of your audience to maximize reach.

General the best time to post to Facebook is between 1 pm – 4 pm. Research has shown that post published late in the weekdays (that it Thursdays and Fridays get most engagements). So also weekends when most people are found at home relaxing even the workaholics.

According to Social champ, the best method of managing your social media posts is by sticking to “The 5-3-2 Rule


Videos – Facebook native video player, video content marketing, and Facebook go hand in hand. Marketing Maestros use videos that are eye-catching, entertaining, and capable of stopping scrolling users in their tracks. Videos represent the ideal way to encourage fans to spend more time engaging with your brand, therefore use videos as much as you can.

Images – The aim of all internet platforms is to present the best good quality and informative content to their audiences, uploading low-quality images, images contradictory to your texts, or images that violates Facebook’s recommendations (in terms of size, pixel, etc) will make your page an enemy of the algorithm and that means your page will be deliberately blocked from reaching a wider audience. Click here to read more on Facebook image recommendations.

TEXTS: Facebook algorithm prefers videos and images with fewer texts. Therefore use text only where necessary. Better still make a text-based video of your write up for video posting then draft out a summary of the write up (preferably bullet points) as the caption to be added to the video post. This way, you are leveraging on Facebook algorithm preference and also making your content available to most Nigerians that have poor internet for videos. But careful to make your text-based video informative, yet entertaining to avoid low engagement. Do not be afraid to have longer videos, align a few texts on the screen at a time. Facebook users enjoy longer videos that are either informative or entertaining.

HASHTAGS: Always inculcate the habit of using hashtags in your post. Don’t make it clumsy, a maximum of five closely related hashtags to your content is ok. This makes your posts and page searchable.

GIF: Everyone loves entertainment even the scholars, gifs are sure ways to keep your audience smiling whenever they are on your page. A lot of people find it difficult to post gifs on their page but don’t worry I have a blog to reveal the secret, just click here to stay tuned.

Animation: The usage of Animation still falls under Video Marketing. No matter what industry you’re in, animation can be relevant. … Animation videos help to explain tricky processes or concepts, sell a product, or even just to gain recognition of a product. Everyone resonates with animation in some way or another.



Always optimize both your old posts and your future post with the help of your page insights and keyword research tools. Knowing the location, age-range and what time they come only does not only tell you certain things about them but also gives you a clue to figure more some things that are not even in the insights.

For example, having an audience that is usually online in the evening and maybe atimes in between 1 pm-2 pm, one could easily figure they are working class. And they can either be potential buyers or fellow business partners that like coming back to your contents. Aside from posting with the thought of customers in you now, there is a tendency to have potential partners, collaborators on your page.

This could trigger you to do more of a partnership call out too. Brilliant!. Also, optimization of old, latest and future posts with keywords latest trending keywords will go a long way in helping search engines to craw your Facebook profile.


Did you learn anything at all?

Do you have a contribution to this post?

Slide into the comment box below, TMG is always glad to hear your thoughts.

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