Your SEO web design is your online image.  And no matter how traditional you might think your business is, trust me your business is an online business. – TMG

seo and web design services
seo and web design services

The internet is the first place people go to search for products or services, and usually the last place they check for confirmation before paying for that product or service. Therefore you need to make every step you make on the online count.

To be frank with you going for a cheaper web service [ hosting + SEO services] is the worst decision most business owners make that jeopardize their sales straight up even before they start climbing the ladder.

My experience thus far has brought me into this conclusion about Nigerian business owners:

Most Nigerian business owners want to start making money as soon as they activate their online presence and want to become an authority in their field at the same time.

This is a wrong formula!

Firstly, making money immediately after activating your business online presence is the work of Search Engine Advertisement (SEA), which is a short term SEM process not search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Secondly, Becoming an authority in your field of business that later on generates sales that you don’t even advertise for is the work of SEO which is a long term SEM process.

sem consist of both seo and sea
Search Engine Marketing

Therefore putting a long term goal + a short term goal together in one campaign is a pathway to “nowhere”.

The Secret

SEO top secrets
Top Secret That Media Guy

A proper business website that’s intended to generate money through sales of products/services and/ maybe AdSense (blogging) needs a marketing plan even before securing a domain name, host, etc.

The type of Search engine marketing [SEO + SEA], host, domain name to be used will be determined by the goals of the business which is already in existence.

A one-on-one session between you and I would solve this puzzle and give us a groundbreaking SEO web design for your business through a fitting SEO strategy that I will specially tailor for your business.

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